I've done my best to present a selection of options that may suit your needs. However, I am always open to new ideas and like to begin each new portrait with the idea that anything can be done. 

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I have found email to be 99% reliable. I respond to every email. However, sometimes emails get lost or I'm not as efficient as I think I should be. If you have contacted me and I haven't replied something went wrong. Please call me.

(267) 274-0034

129 Pierce Street
Easton, P.A. 18042

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Both options have their pros and cons. Ultimately, it depends on the type of portrait you'd like to own. The instantaneous nature of photography allows for options that are simply not possible any other way. However, the temptation can be to believe that the photo holds the "truth" which is not really true and can limit the artistic creation. Also, some photos we'd rather not have regardless of the mechanical accuracy.

We don't view the world like a camera does, indiscriminately treating all details the same. A work of art done from life is the result of decisions made moment by moment by an artist. The result is an artistic interpretation of the subject. In many artistic circles this is considered to be the more honest form of expression because the final vision is one not obscured by technology. It reveals clearly the level of skill achieved by an artist and is often a yard stick for measuring how committed they have been to their craft.

I don't believe there is only one way of doing things. It's hard enough to express ourselves under the best of circumstances. In the end, I prefer to be flexible, choosing the methods that suits both the client and the sitter best. 

If you're unsure which to choose please contact me and we can discuss which option is best for you.

INTIMATE PORTRAITS (nude or  partially clothed)     -     priced and sized according to the type of portrait

Classic, soft, and forgiving, the Intimate Portraits can be rendered either on location or during one sitting in my studio. They are done in very much the same manner as all my other portraits. The typical portrait is accomplished in approximately 3 hours. Together we prepare 10 to 15 simple initial sketches, which are then reviewed by myself and the model in an effort to select a pose that is suitable for the final drawing.