TRADITIONAL OIL PAINTED PORTRAITS  -  Price Range $11k - $18k   -  size: typically life size but not always. Size can also vary depending on composition.   -   (note: prices are per figure and how much of the figure is shown.) 

The Traditional Portrait offers a range of possibilities regarding subject, size and composition. These oil paintings require a photo session so that I can collect the reference necessary to complete the painting in my studio. In most cases, I usually suggest that I take the photos. This is because I'm consciously posing and observing the light with an eye towards creating a work of art. After carefully selecting and editing the photos for the best portrait, I like to share these with the client before moving on to the final painting. Since a lot of work goes into making these paintings, I work very closely with the person commissioning the portrait to realize their vision. The process usually begins with a conversation to discuss the expectations of the portrait. I consider every portrait to be as unique as the people I am asked to paint. As such, I come open-minded and ready to try anything. Once I've completed the painting, I email an image for final approval before shipping.