OIL SKETCH PORTRAIT   -   price range: $2000 - $3000  from Life (limited special)  -  size: 11" x 14" or 16" x 20"    -   (note: price is per person) 

The Oil Sketch is a portrait done entirely from life in one session. The time it takes to complete the portrait can vary depending on the sitter but is usually 2 or 3hrs. The session is broken down into 20 min, posing segments, with 4 or 5min. breaks in between to stretch. During the break sitter is welcome to view the progress.  Sitters have reported that the first 20min. takes the longest but that each successive pose seems shorter and that by the end of the session, they are amazed at how quickly it went. Seeing a painting completed from start to finish in such a short period is one of those magical experiences in life that most people will never forget.